July 4, 2008 at 10:26 am (Uncategorized)

It’s the highest part of the camp, this roof I’ve found myself on. Each way I turn, I can see incredible distances across the Sahara. The stars are clear, hidden only slightly by the distant city lights. The cool breeze reminds me of the peace that is found in Christ. Such a long day…the heat, the dirt, the bugs…in the midst of all of those things, the coming evening promises of cooler times.
Tonight, I witnessed the most beautiful and incredible moment. Every moment seemed so romantic. These people have been engraved in the depths of my heart for so long. Their cry has become my cry. They are blinded to something they know everything about. They have the knowledge in their head, but they have missed on being personally involved. The Bible seems like a dry set of rules to live by, and yet it contains the secret to living water. My prayer has been that these people, these Coptics, would experience a movement in their hearts…one that draws them closer to their Creator. That their desire would be to know the One Who created all things and Who created them. Its so easy to grow cold to all that God has done, and the intentions He had for the ones He created.
They are a remnant of God’s chosen people. They were handpicked by God to be His followers. Sometimes we are blinded to the thing so nearby. Sometimes, what we have is what we think is the real thing. Sometimes, we don’t even know it isn’t. My heart’s cry has been that God would draw all people to Himself. He promises that He will, and He has begun the process.
Why would satan work so hard to silence these people? Why would he rise up such a powerful religion to oppress them? They are dangerous. They truly are the key to the reaching the middle-east. By partnering with them, we have the power to blow holes in the kingdom of hell. So much of the ground satan has taken was never intended to be lost.


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